Jazz Ensembles

Jazz Band

Texas A&M University-Commerce features Ensembles: Jazz Ensembles 1 and 2, directed by Mr. John Wasson. Performing several times each semester, these ensembles provide opportunities for students to perform a uniquely American style of music that will further prepare them for careers in music education or performance. Jazz Ensemble 1 has performed most recently in Jazz Festivals in New Orleans, Louisiana, with the Dallas Jazz Orchestra, and at the Free Man Cajun Cafe in Deep Ellum (Dallas); they have performed with such noted jazz artists as Nestor Torres and Julio Barreto.

The jazz ensembles perform music in a variety of typical jazz styles including Swing, Blues, Rock, Latin and World Music genres. Participants also learn about the style elements associated with the legendary artists of jazz, as well as spending time developing the craft of Jazz Improvisation.

All jazz ensembles are open by audition to performers of all majors. Positions are available on saxophone, trumpet, trombone, guitar, piano, string bass (electric or acoustic), drum set, Latin Percussion, and vibes.

In addition to the big bands, there are also jazz combo performance opportunities available. All students, regardless of major may audition for the jazz ensembles. Interested students should contact: Mr. John Wasson John.Wasson@tamuc.edu for more information.