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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do people do with a degree in Political Science?

    Various career avenues are open to Political Science graduates. Popular choices include law , public service (for example, working for the State Department or Environmental Protection Agency, becoming a state official or city manager), teaching, becoming a paralegal, practical politics (running for office, becoming a lobbyist or campaign consultant), teaching, and business.

  • How do you prepare for law school?

    Law schools want students with a high GPA, a good score on the LSAT, and a record of community involvement. They prefer applicants with a broad liberal arts education. There is no required major, though Political Science is the most popular major. Students majoring in Political Science, especially those who have done well in classes focusing on constitutional/legal issues, have an edge in law school. Approximately 5-10 graduates of A&M-Commerce go to law school each year.

  • What do paralegals do, and why should a student consider pursuing the Paralegal Studies in the Department of Political Science?

    Paralegals are professionals who work closely with attorneys. They do research, prepare documents, work with attorneys in getting ready for trial, and so on. Studies of employment trends in Texas and the United States show that paralegal field is one of the fastest growing occupations in the state and nation. The Department of Political Science has an established, successful program of Paralegal Studies whose graduates readily find rewarding jobs. The program is the only one in Texas that awards a bachelor's degree approved by the American Bar Association.

  • What special opportunities are available through the Department of Political Science?

    The Department sponsors activities where students gain hands-on experience in real-world or simulated settings. Qualified students may pursue internships working in a legislative office, political campaign, attorney's office, or other venue. We are regular, award-winning participants in events like the Southwest University Model Arab League. We are campus leaders in having students participate in the University's Honors Program. These are only a sampling of the special opportunities available to Political Science students.

  • Do you offer scholarships to incoming students?

    Yes. Our annual scholarship competition is announced each January. We normally offer several scholarships of $500 toward tuition and fees and $1,000 toward University housing. The scholarships are for up to two years. Check the Department's website for the scholarship announcement: www.tamu-commerce.edu/psci.