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Paralegal Internships

The paralegal internship program with the Department of Political Science at Texas A&M University—Commerce allows students specializing in paralegal studies majors to gain work experience by working in one of the following offices:

1. County District Attorney’s Offices around the Metroplex

2. Private Attorneys’ offices around the Metroplex (on an as available basis).

Students must register for PSCI 426 and work 160 supervised hours for the internship to which they have been assigned, and during the semester for which they are registered for the program.  You may need an undergraduate code from the paralegal program coordinator to register for the course. Before the start of the internship, students will receive a course syllabus, as well as other pertinent materials that must be submitted during and upon completion of the internship.

Qualification for Internship:

Paralegal emphasis students who have completed at least 18 credit hours of paralegal specialty courses.


Students must submit:

1.A cover letter of application indicating their qualifications and interest in an internship at least two months before the semester for which they intend to intern.

2. A current resume (be sure to include an e-mail address and a phone number where you can be reached during the semester).

Selection Process:

After the application has been submitted to the paralegal program coordinator, it will be submitted to the individual organizations that have requested interns for the academic year. Students will then be contacted by the Coordinator and provided information for the interviews. Students will be responsible for contacting the individual organizations and scheduling an interview. All interviews must be completed no later than the first week of university classes. The Coordinator will notify students if they would need to schedule an interview with the agency or firm. All internships require availability between 9 a.m-5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Within one week after the interview, students will be contacted regarding their acceptance, and students should contact the Coordinator to make arrangements regarding a work schedule.

Students who have a specific agency or law firm with whom they would like to intern, and have been accepted or feel sure they will be accepted, must submit a letter from the agency or firm to the paralegal program coordinator. However, the coordinator reserves the right to direct you to other approved setting.

Please note: All students who apply to any of the area’s District Attorneys offices will most likely be subject to a background check. Anyone who has a prior criminal record will not be able to serve as an intern in those offices.