Major in Paralegal Studies

The B.A./B.S. with paralegal emphasis is career-specific because it is designed to prepare people to work in support of attorneys. The program stresses the fundamentals of legal research, family law, probate, civil procedure, business organizations, law office management, real estate law, and constitutional law.

The paralegal studies program provides a broadly-based liberal arts and specialized education for paralegals/legal assistants.  Program graduates will be qualified to work under the supervision of an attorney.  The program does not train lawyers or legal administrators. Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public, except as permitted by law.

Required courses in the major (33 sh)

Note: In addition to fulfilling these requirements, students majoring Political Science must submit a portfolio of their work in Political Science courses and complete a survey on their experiences in the program. Details may be found on the department’s website.
  • PSCI 222 - Introduction to Law Hours: 3
  • PSCI 223 - Legal Research Hours: 3
  • PSCI 310 - Law Office Management Hours: 3
  • PSCI 322 - Civil Procedure Hours: 3
  • PSCI 426 - Paralegal Internship Hours: 3
  • PSCI 427 - Torts and Personal Injury Law Hours: 3

Plus 15 sh from the following:

  • PSCI 312 - Bankruptcy for Paralegals Hours: 3
  • PSCI 321 - Probate Hours: 3
  • PSCI 323 - Business Law for Paralegals Hours: 3
  • PSCI 324 - Criminal Law and Procedure Hours: 3
  • PSCI 325 - Family Law Hours: 3
  • PSCI 328 - Real Estate Law for Paralegals Hours: 3
  • PSCI 422 - Trial and Appellate Litigation and Procedure Hours: 3