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Graduate Programs

The Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice offers two graduate degrees and three graduate certificates.

Each program is available 100% online! Visit the page(s) below to learn more:

Master's in Applied Criminology

Master's in Sociology

Graduate Certificates in Criminal Justice



The mission of the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice is to provide quality learning experiences to equip students with social, intellectual, leadership and critical thinking skills, preparing them for a global and diverse society.

In addition to the major objective of contributing to the development of an educated person, some of the specific departmental objectives are as follows:

  1. prepare students for teaching roles at all educational levels;
  2. develop students’ skills and knowledge that will enable them to conduct and interpret empirical research;
  3. prepare students for professional careers in the fields of sociology and criminal justice;
  4. prepare students for PhD programs in sociology and criminology;
  5. develop programs designed to provide community services, extending from the local to regional and national levels;
  6. provide curriculum support to other departments and university programs.