Gender Studies

The College of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts currently offers students the opportunity to earn a minor in Gender Studies. The Gender Studies Minor is a unique offering that covers a wide variety of topics related to gender, women’s studies and sexuality taught by faculty from across the University.  This is the first time at the University that a minor of this type has been offered, and it is an opportunity that students will not generally find at community colleges.  The minor allows students to take courses from Psychology, Education, Health and Human Performance, English, History, Anthropology, Sociology, Art, and other University Departments so students can limit the focus of their studies or explore the offerings from a wide variety of disciplines.

Students in this standard 18-hour minor will take two required courses:

GDRS 300 - Gender Fundamentals

This course introduces students to interdisciplinary approaches to gender and provides a core foundation for further coursework in the gender studies minor.

GDRS 400 - Gender Topics

Topics in Gender Studies provides students with the opportunity to explore specific issues or ideas in more depth. Topics and disciplines will vary. Course may be repeated once for credit as topic changes.

Students choose the rest of their minor coursework from courses offered across the University. These courses include, but are not limited to:

  • ANTH 2351  US-World Cultures: Perspectives from Anthropology
  • ENG 355  Women Writers
  • ENVS 404  Principles of Sustainability
  • PSCI 325 Family Law
  • HHPH 385  GLB/Current Issues in Health
  • PSY 2306 Psychology of Sexual Behavior
  • SOC 316 Marriage and Family
  • ART 436 GLB/Women and Art
  • HIST 329 Women and Gender in European History
  • HIST 334 Urban Underworlds
  • HIST 429 Women, Gender & Sexuality in United States History

Additional courses with a strong gender component can be approved on an individual basis by the Gender Studies Coordinator.

For faculty and Students interested in Gender Studies

You might also be interested in the Women’s Leadership Community.  If you have ever wanted to explore the topics of women’s leadership, gender identity, and civic engagement, the Women’s Leadership Living Learning Community (LLC) in Pride Rock Hall is a fit for you.  Students in this community will have the opportunity to develop relationships with faculty, staff, community members and peers passionate about these topics.  Women’s Leadership LLC partners include faculty from the Gender Studies Minor in the College of Humanities, Social Sciences and the Arts, and the Leadership Engagement and Development (L.E.A.D) Department.  LLC members will receive a copy of the Common Reading book How Remarkable Women Lead (Barsh, Cranston, and Lewis, 2011), and be assigned to live in the Women’s Leadership LLC hall in Pride Rock for the 2013-2014 academic year.  Interested students and Gender Studies faculty may contact Christina.Wan@

For more information regarding Gender Studies, contact Dr. Sharon Kowalsky, , Ferguson Social Sciences 105, 903.886.5627