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One of the University's horses and it's keepers


A Broodmare and her Foal being imprinted by students

Our equine center is also the home of quarter horse mares who all have cutting horse bloodlines and thoroughbred mares who all came off of the race track.  Every year the students imprint the foals as soon as they are born.  The foals are then left alone until they are weaned in the fall.  Every fall, the students halter break and start the weanlings in the EQSC 345 course.

Every other year, five of the foals are kept for training under saddle as two year olds in EQSC 341.  The remainder of the foals are sold.  The opposite year the yearlings enter EQSC 340 for a yearling training course.  The horses that are sent through the courses either become part of our riding horse herd or they are sold.