BioPride Boot Camp

BioPride is a rigorous one-week program designed to boost success, specifically for incoming freshman majoring in Biological Sciences, or those pursuing a pre-professional degree who are taking BSC 1406. This program provides freshman with a preview into their upcoming academic expectations within a university environment.

Because the transition into college can be difficult for many students, particularly those in Biological Sciences, the BioPride program is intended to ease the transition into college and improve success rates . This 5 day orientation will introduce the demands of the course work and exams, and help students learn how to achieve their academic goals before their first semester even begins. In summary, BioPride students will get a jump start on preparing for the undergraduate curriculum, and allow them to learn the keys to their success in competitive fields such as pre-medical,  allied health sciences pre-professional degrees, pre-vet or  graduate schools.

Why should you participate?

1.    Get a head start on your freshman biology courses!

  • BioPride will introduce concepts covered in your freshman biology classes, so you will be familiar with some material before the semester even starts. 

2.    Attend lectures from our Biology Department faculty and staff

  • You will get insight into what college lectures and courses look like and become familiar with the teaching styles you will see in the upcoming semesters.

3.    Practice exam strategies by taking actual tests

  • Get a glimpse of what college biology exams really are and see how well you do -without the fear of your performance in exams!

4.    Gain lab experience

  • A laboratory class will accompany your biology lectures. This program allows you to obtain hands-on experience handling lab equipment and conducting experiments, similar to what you will do in the course of your biology classes.

5.    Learn skills needed for a successful college career

  • BioPride will focus on the development of essential study skills, note-taking skills, and time management strategies necessary to succeed in college. Academic success programs offered on campus will also be introduced. 

6.    Become familiar with the campus

  • You will gain experience navigating the campus and become familiar with the Keith D. McFarland Science Building, where many of your science lectures and labs will be held.

7.    Meet fellow freshman, University faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate student mentors.

  • BioPride is a great opportunity to start building relationships with your peers and educators. This program provides you with the chance to get to know the faculty and staff who will be teaching your biology classes throughout the remainder of your college career. You will also get a chance to meet other students in your freshman classes and upper level students pursuing the same field as you.

8.    How can I register for the BioPride camp?

For more information please contact us:

Dr. John P. Slovak