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Undergraduate Programs

Biological Sciences

The Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences offers two undergraduate degree programs, one leading to a Bachelor’s of Art degree in biology and the other leading to a Bachelor’s of Science degree in biological sciences.  This program provides a comprehensive overview of biological sciences, working from the molecular level up through ecosystems.  The program is suitable for students who are interested in the biological sciences, who are interested in a career in biological research, or who may be applying toward candidacy in medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, physical therapy, and allied health sciences fields. Students interested in the program are encouraged to talk to
Dr. J.P. Slovak—903-886-5368

Environmental Sciences

This unique program is designed for students who wish to work in the growing field of environmental science.  Graduates of this program work for private environmental companies, with corporations, or with federal, state, county, or civic governments.  Students interested in the program are encouraged to talk to the program advisor:
Dr. Haydn A. "Chip" Fox—903-886-5442

Wildlife Conservation Science

The Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences offers a program in Wildlife and Conservation Science.  This program is designed for students interested in Wildlife Management, Ecology, or the preservation of biodiversity.  The program is designed around the requirements established by The Wildlife Society and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  Graduates of this program are qualified to work for private, state, and federal agencies.  In addition, students graduating from this program can proceed into a graduate program for further professional development.  Students interested in the program are encouraged to talk to an advisor:
Dr. Jeff Kopachena—903-886-5395

Teacher Certification

Students seeking a bachelor’s degree in the following teacher education program must complete: (1) degree requirements for a Bachelor of Arts or Science degree (refer to the bachelor’s degree requirements section of the undergraduate catalog), (2) University Studies requirements (refer to that section of the undergraduate catalog), (3) requirements for admission to and retention in the Teacher Education Program (refer to the Center for Educator Certification and Academic Services section of the undergraduate catalog), and (4) professional development courses (refer to the appropriate departmental section in the undergraduate catalog, i.e. Department of Curriculum and Instruction or Department Educational Leadership.  In addition, courses in the major must be completed as shown below."B.S. in Biological Sciences: Secondary Certification (Grades 8 - 12) Life Sciences" For required courses see the academic advisor,
Dr. J.P. Slovak—903-886-5368

Other Programs

Students can choose from a variety of other options depending on their academic requirements.  The Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences offers the following additional programs:

  • Other Pre-Allied Health Programs
  • Second Major in Biological Sciences
  • Minor in Biology
  • Minor in Environmental Science