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Undergraduate Programs

Students seeking a bachelor's degree in the following major must complete: (1) degree requirements for a Bachelor of Arts or Science degree and (2) University Studies requirements (refer to a Texas A&M University-Commerce Undergraduate Bulletin). In addition to the above, students wishing to be certified as a teacher must meet the following requirements: (i) requirements for admission to and retention in the Teacher Education Program, (ii) professional development courses (i.e. Department of Elementary Education or Department of Secondary and Higher Education), and (iii) admission to student teaching. In addition, courses in the major must be completed as shown for each major.

The students are encouraged to contact the Department Head or the Undergraduate Adviser.

  • Professional Degrees

    • Major in Chemistry A.C.S. Professional Degree

    • Health Care Professions Eight-Course Program

    • Minor in Chemistry

  • Teacher Education Programs

    • Major in Chemistry for Secondary School Teachers

    • Interdisciplinary Minor with Teacher Certification in Physical Science

    • Major in Broadfield Science for Certification in Composite Science

    • Physical Science Major for Elementary Teaching

Pre-Medical Program

The Chemistry Department highly recommends that those students planning to attend medical school attain a bachelor's degree. Any major field of study is acceptable to the medical schools. The overall objective of the undergraduate experience is to acquire a broad cultural knowledge as well as a thorough understanding of the basic sciences.

For more information on a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry please visit the University Catalog.