Welch Scholarship

The Welch Foundation, based in Houston, Texas, is one of the United States' oldest and largest private funding sources for chemistry researchers. It is a non-profit organization named for Robert Alonzo Welch, an industrialist who provided the funds to set up the foundation, along with scholarships, endowments, and funding for chemical research. 

If you are interested in applying for the Welch Scholarship for Summer classes and research, please submit your application on the MyLeo online portal for scholarships.

The documents below are also required for your application.  Your official transcript may be emailed to you from the Registrar's office and uploaded in MyLeo.  Please upload your Statement of Career Goals/Academic Interest and your CV/Resume with your Application in MyLeo.

1.  Statement of career goals and academic interests (1 to 2 pages)
2.  Official transcript
3.  CV or resume

Apply and submit all documents on the Scholarship Portal in MyLeo
Application Deadline:  The third Monday in April

For Additional Information:
Phone: 903-886-5392
Email: thomas.west@tamuc.edu or julie.russell@tamuc.edu