MS-CSCI/CPSI Comprehensive Exam Guidelines

The Comprehensive Exam is designed to measure skills and mastery of concepts learned throughout the MS-CSCI/CPSI degree path. All students are required to take and pass the comprehensive exam before they graduate. The Comprehensive Exam is given during Fall and Spring semesters only. Exam dates and times are posted on the Computer Science Department Announcements. Students are required to register in advance, so that adequate space is reserved for the student.

Thesis-option students should coordinate their exam with their thesis advisor and the department head. The thesis advisor should plan and prepare for the exam with committee members and/or other faculty members in the department. The Comprehensive Exam can be administered on the thesis defense date or any time after successful defense of thesis. The result of the exam should be submitted to the department in writing for final approval.




In good academic standing (GPA >=3.0)

Student's must be in their final semester

For those graduating in summer, special arrangement may be made with faculty advisor for taking in spring with special permission. 


  • Registration deadlines are announced on the Computer Science Department Announcements page.  Registration closes at 11:59pm on the date of deadline.

Exam Day:

  • Bring your registration confirmation and your student ID.
  • No cell phones, electronic devices, extra paper, bags, etc.
  • Only pencils and erasers are allowed in the exam room.
  • If you use electronic devices and/or talk during the exam, you will be asked to leave the exam room and you will automatically fail the exam.
  • If you need assistance from a proctor, please raise your hand.


  • Results will be posted within two weeks following the exam.

Petition for 3rd time attempt:

  • Student must attend a mandatory meeting during the second week of the semester.  The student will create a plan of study with their advisor and complete all required paperwork during the mandatory meeting.  The student must follow the established plan of study under the guidance of their academic advisors in order to take the exam.  Assuming the requirements are met, the advisors will give authorization two weeks before the exam.