Namseoul Bridge Builder Scholarship

The purpose of the scholarship, to be carried out by the Texas A&M University-Commerce Foundation, is to establish a scholarship program that provides financial assistance to A&M-Commerce students interested in pursuing study abroad opportunities at Namseoul University in South Korea. Below are the scholarship criteria: [Clickhere] to apply

  • Full-time student with a classification of Sophomore, Junior, or Senior.
  • Applicable field of majors include:
    Social Work 
    Computer Science 
    Bachelors of Business Administration (including BBA in Management & Marketing) 
    General Business
    Bachelors of Fine Arts in Visual Communication
    Journalism-Public Relations
    Health and Human Performance majors
  • Recipients must have a minimum GPA of 3.2 to qualify.
  • Students receiving this scholarship are required to attend Namseoul University via the Study Abroad Program for at least a semester within two (2) semesters after the award. 
    Scholarship recipients that are originally from Namseoul University will not be required to participate in this study abroad requirement.
    *If the recipient cannot or will not meet the Study Abroad requirement listed above, the total amount of scholarship funds will become a loan to the student and must be repaid.
    ***It will be the responsibility of the Scholarship Office to monitor the fulfillment of the Study Abroad requirement and handle the conversion of funds to loan status should that become necessary.
  • Recipients must provide to the committee a ‘reflection’ paper addressing the experience and value of their study abroad trip.
  • The scholarship shall be $1,000 minimum and attributed to the recipients’ student account in full during the awarding semester
  • Recipient’s name can be published as a scholarship recipient.
  • Failure to meet the requirements of this scholarship may cause scholarships to be revoked.
  • This scholarship may entitle an out of state resident to the Non-Resident Tuition Exemption as outlined by the Texas A&M University-Commerce Policy on Non-Resident Tuition Exemption for Competitive Scholarship Recipients.