Advertisement for Graduate Assistant - Research (GAR) Position

Department of Mathematics at TAMUC

Supervisor: Professor N. M. Sirakov

GAR duties

  • To conduct research, coding, and experiments in the fields of automated features extraction, objects partitioning, and classification.
  • Scientific methods and tools of research: active contours, singular points, support vector machines (SVMs), neural networks (NNs).

Theoretical methods involved

  • Calculus,
  • Differential Equations,
  • Vector Fields,
  • Clifford Algebra.


  • Very good knowledge in Calculus up to multi-variate functions, operators, gradient vector fields,
  • Differential equations,
  • Linear algebra,
  • Knowledge about classification with NNs or SVMs,
  • Very good programming skills in Matlab or Python, preferably in both.

Duration of the GAR

One year, starting from September 1, 2019.


The total amount of financial support is $22,340 including stipend, tuition and fees.

To apply for the GAR position

  • Enroll into the Graduate Program of Department of Mathematics at TAMUC
  • Submit an essay, maximum 1 page, and describe there your background and skills in the required areas as well as your willingness and abilities to succeed in the research.

Submit the essay along with proof of enrolment to Dr. Nikolay Metodiev Sirakov at:

Deadline: July 15, 2019

For any questions about the GAR position please contact Dr. Sirakov at: