Cheri Davis

Minor in Astronomy

The minor in astronomy will benefit especially those students who are eager to learn astronomy but who do not anticipate it to be their career. It is designed to broaden the student's knowledge of science and our place in the universe. It is especially suitable for students majoring in arts, humanities and social sciences. It can be earned by students who have met the math requirement in University Studies.

The Astronomy minor is also suitable for students who intend to pursue careers in areas that may benefit from a good knowledge of astronomy such as aerospace industry, science writing, scientific journalism, or science teaching in K-12 schools.

Required courses in the minor (20 credit hours)(Identified by the Titles and Course Numbers)
ASTR 1411 (4 schs, Astronomy of Solar system)
ASTR 1412 (4 schrs, Stars and the Universe)
ASTR 260 (3 schrs, Archaeoastronomy)
ASTR 310 (4 schs, Observational Astronomy)
ASTR 337 (3 schrs, Introduction to Astrophysics)
PHYS 401 (1 schs, Seminars on Current problems in Physics and Astronomy (2 semesters)

Suggested sequence:
Freshman: ASTR 101, ASTR 102 Junior: ASTR 260
Sophomore: ASTR 310, PHYS 401
Senior: ASTR 337 and PHYS 401