Math Placement/Starting Math Class

Progressing successfully and quickly through the mathematics sequence is very important for engineering and physics majors. One key to doing this successfully is starting in the right math class. This document is intended to assist you in judging where to start.

TASP Exempt Students: 

Students who score 270 or above on the TASP math exam are eligible to take Math 141–college algebra. Students who have been successful in high school pre-calculus may want to begin in Math 142–pre calculus. They may be placed into Math 191–calculus, through a Calculus Readiness test score or by consultation with a math or physics advisor.  Students who have been successful in high school calculus may want to start in Math 191–Calculus I. Students who score 3 or above on the AP calculus test may receive credit for Math 191 and may want to begin with Math 192–Calculus II. It is strongly recommend that this option only be exercised in consultation with a mathematics or physics advisor.

Math Testing Options and Scores:

TASP Math Exam–given in high schools and various universities at multiple times

  • scoring below 230–automatic assignment to PJC 300 math
  • scoring 230 to 269–Assigned to PJC 131 but eligible to take A&M-Commerce local testing
  • scoring 270 or above–TASP exempt

Math Diagnostic Test–Local test for math placement–available on short notice 

  • can be taken if score above 230 on the TASP math test.
  • scoring 18 or above–eligible for Math 141 college algebra

Calculus Readiness Test - Local test for math placement – available on short notice 

  • can be taken if score 270 or above on TASP math test
  • scoring 16 or above indicates readiness for Math 142–pre-calculus
  • scoring 21 or above indicates readiness for Math 191–calculus
  • scores below these values can be discussed with math or physics advisors