About TDS

Thesis and Dissertation Services (TDS) is a unit of the Graduate School that develops supportive services for graduate students completing theses and dissertations. We track students' progress throughout their Master's or Doctoral programs. We also process, review, and approve proposals and completed theses and dissertations by assessing issues of conformity to the standards of the appropriate style manual and graduate school formatting.


All papers submitted to TDS are read by a reviewer with knowledge of the author's selected style manual (APA, MLA, ACS, etc.). Some departments have specific manuals that they prefer for their students to use, so students are encouraged to check with their department to verify whether a specific style manual should be used. The TDS reviewer will read the paper and provide feedback to the student regarding the paper's conformity to the relevant template, the student's chosen style manual, and basic rules of grammar and syntax. Templates are provided on the Resources for Writing page.

While the style reviewer makes comments intended to help the student identify and revise issues within the paper, the review and comments are in no way intended to take the place of line-by-line editing. Reviewers are limited to 50 comments per review, so the reviewer will comment on a specific issue the first few times it occurs, and then it is the student's responsibility to continue checking the document for similar errors. Errors found at the proposal stage are expected to be resolved prior to submission of the final thesis or dissertation. Failure to make the suggested changes may result in the student having to go through multiple rounds of reviews before the final thesis is approved. 

Though TDS will not evaluate the merit of the study, students and graduate faculty are encouraged to review the 3 Necessary Characteristics of a Thesis or Dissertation provided below and to ensure that each completed thesis or dissertation possesses all 3 characteristics.  

3 Necessary Characteristics of a Thesis or Dissertation

  1. The study must be justified and informed by a critical review of the research literature that focuses on methods and results concerning the topic of interest.
  2. The methods used (research design and analysis) must permit a valid interpretation of the results.
  3. Sufficient detail must be provided to allow replication of empirical studies and to communicate the author's analytic approach in interpretive studies. 

Other resources, forms, and information are available throughout the website. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office at TDS@tamuc.edu or by phone 903-886-5968, or you can stop by the Graduate School located on the first floor of the McDowell Administration Building!

Additional guidance is provided by University Rules and Procedures 11.04099.R0.23 (doctoral) and 11.99.99.R0.06 (master).