Welcome from the Office of Thesis & Dissertation Services!

Welcome! And congratulations for choosing to pursue a huge achievement in your graduate program, completing a Master's Thesis. The Office of Thesis & Dissertation Services (OTDS) has prepared some material to help you along the way.

The Thesis Timeline was developed to: (1) orient students to the challenges and requirements involved in completing a Master’s program that requires the production of original knowledge, theses, (2) provide students with knowledge of the common programmatic steps required by the rules and procedures of the university, (3) provide access to all forms necessary to record completion of program requirements, (4) provide access to informative materials that will facilitate the development of skills needed for successful completion of their program. 

The Timeline represents the sequence of events that students will encounter in completing their program. In addition, the Timeline is divided into divisions related to the research methods used in completing theses. While most theses and dissertations employ empirical methods (both quantitative and qualitative) based upon positivistic thought, others use interpretive methods derived from phenomenological and hermeneutic approaches. Guides to reference materials for these types of methods and methodologies are provided. 

The flags at each step in your thesis journey are embedded links that will take you to information concerning required actions, required forms, and their distribution that are part of your obligations as a master’s student. You will need to pay close attention to such information because YOU are responsible for making sure that every step is carried out correctly and on time. Under several of the flags you will find additional information concerning the skills required to carry out the thesis process.

For students who work better with checklists, check our new Thesis Checklist!