Graduate Council Members


College of Humanities, Social Sciences & Arts

Dr. Jessica Brannon-Wranosky (2017)
Dr. Karen Roggenkamp (2018)
Mr. Vaughn Wascovich (2019)

College of Science, Engineering & Agriculture

Dr. Carlos Bertulani (2019)
Dr. Nikolay Sirakov (2019) 
Dr. Tingxiu Wang (2017) 

College of Business

Dr. Megan Burke (2017)
Dr. Bo Han (2019)
Dr. Sonia Taneja (2018)

College of Education & Human Services

Dr. Julia Ballenger (2019)
Dr. Chris Green (2019)
Dr, Jon Travis (2017)

School of Agriculture

Dr. Douglas LaVergne (2018)

Graduate School

Dr. Mary Beth Sampson, Chair   
Dr. Paul Zelhart, Vice Chair

Note:  Year represents expiration of term