Keith & Nancy McFarland Graduate Scholarship

Dr. McFarland has held various positions at Texas A&M University-Commerce, including Professor of History, Assistant Dean of the College of Liberal and Fine Arts, Head of the Department of History, Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, the 10th President and CEO of the university, and most recently, President Emeritus, which was conferred on him in 2008. Following his service in the army, he returned to graduate school with his wife and children and completed his studies while raising a family. Keith and Nancy McFarland have three grown children. The McFarlands can relate to students who are pursuing graduate degrees and raising families at the same time. They have firsthand experience of the financial strain of taking care of a family while working on advanced degrees. Therefore, this scholarship is intended to provide financial assistance for graduate students with families that have a financial need.

Doctoral and Master’s

Award: $1000 (one semester)

Recipients shall be an outstanding and deserving graduate student at A&M-Commerce.  This scholarship is intended to provide financial assistance for graduate students with families that have a financial need.

Students must be in the final stage of completing his/her graduate degree

Description: The Keith and Nancy McFarland Endowment awards scholarships of $1000 per year.  Awardees are also eligible to pay resident tuition for the terms of the scholarship.  If the awardees are receiving financial aid during the terms of the award, there may be a need to adjust their total financial aid package.

Eligibility: Recipients of the Keith and Nancy McFarland Endowment must comply with the following requirements throughout the course of the scholarship:

  • Be admitted to a graduate degree program at A&M-Commerce
  • Be enrolled as a full time graduate student the semester of the scholarship (9 graduate credit hours or 6 graduate credit hours and a full-time GA)
  • Be in academic good standing
  • Make satisfactory progress toward graduation
  • Have financial need

Required Documentation:

  • Scholarship Application
  • Application letter
  • Vita/Resume
  • Reference letter from major adviser
  • One page statement demonstrating financial need, which addresses the following questions: Responses are very important to the committee’s evaluation of your application (for each section, your response should be 250 words or less). 

a)      Describe how your immediate family has contributed, and will continue to contribute, to your success as a graduate student.

b)      Describe your graduate school experience and major accomplishments that you have achieved since entering your graduate program.  Describe your financial need and how this award will assist you in completing your graduate education and meeting your career goals.

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