Second Masters/Specialist Degree

Subject to the approval of the Department Head and Graduate Dean, students holding masters/specialist degrees from a regionally accredited graduate institution in the United States may apply certain courses that were a part of a previously earned graduate degree toward a second masters/specialist degree, provided such courses are not more than 6 years old at the time the second master's degree is conferred. The number of courses so permitted will be as follows:

  1. For 30-semester-hour degree, no more than 9 approved hours.
  2. For 36-semester-hour degree, no more than 12 approved hours.
  3. For the 62-semester-hour MFA, no more than 20 approved hours.
  4. A thesis completed for a previous degree cannot be used for a second master's/specialist degree.
  5. A 595 Research Literature and Techniques course can only be used for a second masters/specialist degree with departmental and Graduate School approval.
  6. All remaining courses applied to satisfy the requirements for the second masters/specialist degree must be Texas A&M University-Commerce courses.

The second masters/specialist degree will be subject to the general regulations governing masters degrees except as stated above.

Students who wish to pursue a second masters/specialist degree must apply for admission to the second masters/specialist degree. Contact your Graduate Services Coordinator for additional information.

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