Contact A Graduate Recruiter

Graduate School
Ms. Kimberly Stringer, Graduate Liaison - 903.468.3066 

College of Business
Ms. Shanna Hoskison, Director of Graduate Advising
 - 903.886.5190 

College of Education & Human Services
Ms. Jennifer Faunce, Recruiter - 903.886.5030

College of Humanities, Social Sciences & Arts 
Ms. Shelby Miller, Recruiter - 903.468.8123

Applied Criminology,
Mr. Louis Lufkin, Recruiter - 903.468.8226

College of Science and Engineering and School of Agriculture

Ms. Shaine Marsden, Recruiter  - 903.886.5775 

International Students
Mr. Jacques L. Fuqua, Jr.Executive Director, Global Programs

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