Studies in Children's and Adolescent Literature and Culture Graduate Certificate

The Studies in Children’s and Adolescent Literature and Culture Certificate program consists of 15 hours of graduate study. The certificate provides students with a solid foundation for analyzing children’s and adolescent literature and will enhance their understanding and capacity to teach the cultural, ideological, and historical nature of children’s and adolescent literature in primary, secondary and post-secondary settings. Contact Susan Stewart at 903/468-8624 or for more information.

Certificate Requirements:

Coursework must be completed at A&M-Commerce with a 3.0 GPA on all courses used for the certificate.  Fifteen semester hours from the following (no substitutions):

ENG 504 Picture Books, Graphic Narrative,
and the Art of Images
ENG 505 The Invention of Children's Literature
and Childhood
ENG 506 Problems in Adolescent Literature
ENG 507 Narrative Transformations in Literature
for Children and for Adolescents
ENG 508 Constructing Reality and Reconstructing
History in Children's and Adolescent Literature

Required Documents for Admission:

  • Application
  • Application fee: $50 domestic student
  • All official transcripts - Bachelor's degree, including all transcripts used towards the bachelor's degree.  Any master's degree transcript or transcripts with graduate coursework (if applicable).