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Honors College Criteria

You must be accepted to TAMUC for your Honors College application to be considered.

  • Complete application and be accepted to the university (Apply Texas Application)

  • Complete the Honors College application, which includes an essay.  The essay is scored in terms of creativity, style, and grammar/syntax/spelling.  Essays will be scored on a 5 point scale and the essay score will be included in the Application Score described below. If a student earns an interview essays can be used to help shape the discussion and provide perspective on the interview responses.

  • In general, we are looking for students in the Top 10% of their graduating class, who have an ACT score of 27 or higher, and/or a combined math and verbal SAT score of 1200 or higher.  However, these are not concrete cut-off scores.  For example, a valedictorian with a 25 on the ACT should apply.

a.      Class rank (at the time of application), test scores (composite, not super scores), and the essay rating (up to 5 points) are used to create an application score to determine if a student moves to the interview stage of the application process (If a student has taken both the ACT and SAT only the higher of the two composite scores will be used in the score calculation).  A student must have a total score of 60 or higher to receive an interview.  The following guidelines are used:

Category and Placement Points
HS Class Rank %
  1st or 2nd in Class
Top 1%
Top 5%
Top 10%
Top 15%
Top 20%
Below Top 20%
SAT Before March 2016 March 2016 and Later
  1440 and higher
1330 - 1430
1200 - 1320
1090 - 1190
1000 - 1080
990 and lower
1490 and higher
1390 - 1480
1270 - 1380
1160 - 1260
1080 - 1150
1070 and lower
  33 and higher
20 and lower
Essay 0-5

Note: Homeschooled students will be slotted in at Top 10%.

  • Interviews  - Students who qualify for an interview will be asked to come to campus unless travel would not be possible (e.g., distance/cost to travel would be prohibitive).  Please note – interview invitations will be delivered through your MyLeo mail account – please check that regularly.  You should hear from us within 2 weeks of receipt of your Honors College application. 

a.      A minimum of two interviewers will be present.  Interviews will be rated on the following dimensions:

i.      Application of educational skills – You are trying to show the interviewers that you’re a scholar and that you take your education seriously.  You can demonstrate this in a number of ways.  Use strong vocabulary, correct syntax, bring in academic concepts to your answers (e.g., reference a book that you’ve read), tie your responses to previous educational experiences, etc.

ii.      Ability to think critically and creatively – can you ‘think on your feet’ or do you provide trite and hackneyed answers?

iii.    Fit with university and Honors College –Are you interested in the Liberal Arts experience we foster within the Honors College?  Will you contribute to the Honors Community? Do you want to live and be active on campus?

  • Two rounds of decisions will occur.  The first round of decisions will be made in early December.  The second round will be done at the completion of interviews (approximately mid-late February).

a.      The decision panel will include 4 individuals – Dean and Assistant Dean of the Honors College, Director of the Regents Scholar Program, and the Honors College Graduate Assistant.

b.      Decisions will be based primarily upon CR%, Test Scores, Essay score, and Interview score.  However, other information from transcripts may also be used – for example success in dual enrollment courses and AP exams.

Suggestions for Application Essays and Admission Interviews

The deadline to submit a completed application with supporting documents is January 8, 2018. Email application and documents to honorscollege@tamuc.edu or mail to:

The Honors College of
Texas A&M University-Commerce
P.O. Box 3011
Commerce, Texas 75429-3011