Professional Exams

Texas Exam for Educator Standards (TExES): Computer Based Testing

The Texas Administrative Code (Sec. 230.5(b)) requires every person seeking educator certification to perform satisfactorily on comprehensive examinations.  The purpose of these examinations is to ensure that each educator has the prerequisite content and professional knowledge necessary for an entry-level position in Texas public-schools.  The tests are criterion-referenced and are designed to measure a candidate's knowledge in relation to a standard set of criteria rather than to the performance of other candidates.  The Texas Examinations of Educator Standards (TExES) program was developed for this purpose.  All of the tests contain multiple-choice questions.

National Certification Exam for Counselors (NCE):

The purpose of the NCE is to assess knowledge, skills, and abilities viewed as important for providing effective counseling services. The NCE is designed to be general in nature. It is intended to assess cognitive knowledge which should be known by all counselors regardless of their individual professional specialties.