Computer Science (CSCI) Placement Exams

The Computer Science Department allows students seeking Master's Degrees in Computational Science or Computer Science to take exams to determine if they meet the pre-requisite requirements for their respective degrees. Students in the Computer Science program can challenge either CSCI 515 and/or 516. Students in the Computational Science program can challenge either CSCI 502 and/or 515.

About The Exams - Content and Length

CSCI 502 Statistics for Computational Science and Analysis - Length: 1 hour

CSCI 515 Fundamentals of Programming C/C++ - Length: 2 hours

CSCI 516 Fundamental Concepts of Computing/Machine Organization - Length: 1 hour 

Computer Science Exam Dates and Fees

Computer Science Exams are offered by appointment only during regular office hours. A non-refundable test fee of $30 per exam is required and is payable through our MarketPlace website. 

What To Expect the Day of the Exam

Students should arrive at the Student Access and Success Center/One Stop Shop at least 10 minutes prior to their scheduled test time and follow these instructions to sign in:

  1. Sign in on the iPad kiosks in the font lobby with your first and last name and your CWID number.

  2. Select that you wish to 'Take a Test' -- if you have not previously paid for and scheduled your exam, you will need to select 'Schedule a Test'.

  3. For your test option, please select "Other" from the list of available tests

  4. Please wait in the lobby for a Testing Center staff member to come assist you.