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University College provides entering students access to guidance and services necessary for success at the University and throughout their lives.  University College promotes the University vision of becoming a premier regional university, through application of high academic standards, provision of high quality programs and a personal educational experience to each of our students.  University College works toward a transformative experience for each student that will make them better scholars, better citizens, and more dedicated alumni.

Dr. Ricky Dobbs, Dean
University College


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Q: Why University Studies
A: It's not just about your major in the work world...


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  • Advising and Registration...Success Coach? Faculty Advisor?  Registration on your own...which is right for you?
    Our frequently asked questions list will help you find those answers. [web page]

University College is made up of the following departments/areas:

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Academic Alert

Alert Icon As Success Coaches, we assist University College students with issues arising during the semester which affect academic performance.    Our Academic Alert feature alerts us to issues which warrant immediate attention.  If you have a student concern (non attendance, poor performance, unusual behavior, etc) please let us know by clicking on the icon to the left.  An immediate email is sent to the success coaches.  Your confidentiality is maintained.  Success Coaches receive notification immediately.  We will reply either by email or phone call, review the situation, and take action.  We have a variety of resources to offer solutions.  Your preemptive action can make a difference.