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Student Advising and Registration FAQs

Who is responsible for assisting me with advising and registration?  Multiple offices on campus are responsible for these issues.  Where you go for assistance depends upon progress you've already made towards your degree.

University College (UC)-Students belonging to University College must register with the assistance of a Success Coach.  Success Coaches are housed in the Student Access and Success Center.  Students fall under UC if:

1.)    They are entering freshmen who have less than twenty-four non-remedial credit hours, have not yet completed ENG 1301 and MATH 1314, 1324, 179 or 2413, have not declared a major, and have not completed their first year at A&M-Commerce.

2.)    They are entering transfers with less than thirty hours of non-remedial credit, are not Texas Success Initiative (TSI) complete, and have not declared a major.

3.)    They are a current student that has yet to declared a major and/or complete the equivalent of ENG 1301 and MATH 1314, 1324, 179 or 2413 or satisfied TSI requirements.

Success Coaches work with students by appointment.  A request for an appointment can be made at SuccessCoaches@tamuc.edu.  Individual success coaches contact information may be obtained here.

College of Business and Technology (COB)-If you do not fall under University College and your major is under COB, feel free to contact the college's mentoring/advising center at 903-468-3197 or CBT@tamuc.edu .  COB provides mentors representing each of its departments to assist students with course selection and registration.  Additional information can be found here.

College of Education and Human Services (COEHS)-If you do not fall under University College and your major is under COEHS, you may contact the college's mentor center at 903-468-3144 or COEHSAdvising@tamuc.edu.  The Mentor Center is located in Education North, RM. 205.  COEHS's mentor center puts students into contact with advising representatives from the colleges' various departments.  Additional information can be found here.

College of Humanities, Social Science and Art (CHSSA)-If you do not fall under University College and your major is under CHSSA, you will need to contact the CHSSA advisor for advising information.  They will put you in contact with your designated faculty mentor or be able to assist you through their advising office.  Contact this office at Education North RM 220 or by calling 903-886-5778. Additionally faculty advisor information can be found here.

College of Science, Engineering and Agriculture (CSEA)- If you do not fall under University College and your major is under CSEA, you will need to contact the CSEA advisor for advising information.  They will put you in contact with your designated faculty mentor or be able to assist you through their advising office.  Contact this office at AG/IT RM 105 or by calling 903-886-5776.  Additional faculty advisor information can be found here.

Honors College (HC)-All Honors College students report to Dr. Eric Gruver for course selection and registration assistance.  He may be reached by e-mail at Eric.Gruver@tamuc.edu .

Is there a special office for advising me on completion of the core curriculum (University Studies)?  The short answer is "no."  Students are assigned to an advising authority based upon the guidelines above.  If a student has completed the requirements to move from University College to their major/program advisors, then assistance with the remaining University Studies courses are the responsibility of that advisor.

Why the division between University College (UC) and the other colleges?  The University recognizes the different challenges in offering academic advice to a student new to the University and more seasoned students who have been here for a time.  The distinction between the two advising systems also recognizes the changed needs of students by the time they reach their second and third years of higher education.  University College's main focus is to assist students getting their feet firmly planted on the ground at A&M-Commerce.  UC focuses upon equipping students to work with their major/program advisors and insuring that students complete the University Studies curriculum in a timely manner.  Students leave University College to work with their major/program advisors.  Students who have met the benchmarks necessary to move on to their major/program advisors need more focused attention from experts in the field with an eye to preparing them for graduation and beyond.

When I seek help what information should I provide?  Always reference your full legal name and supply your campus-wide identification number (CWID) in communications with advising and registration personnel.  This speeds service to you and also helps insure that the information you receive is accurate for your situation.

Should I set an appointment or just walk on in?   We recommend you call or email your advisor to make certain he or she is available.  Advising is a professional service that requires preparation and attention to detail.  Establishing an appointment in advance is the best way to insure that you get the attention you need.  Some advisors/mentors take a less formal approach to working with students.  Others, however, might be hard to find if you do not contact them by phone or e-mail first.

There are holds on my account.  What do I do to get these cleared?  There are a variety of holds that might prevent your registering for classes.  Some are advising holds intended to remind students that they must meet with the appropriate office prior to registration.  Some are holds involving charges to your account.  Or, you may have a hold because of parking tickets.  Once you know the source of a hold, then the next step is to contact the office that placed the hold in order to determine what must be done to resolve it.  Some common holds and who to contact:

a.      Fiscal Holds- Cashier's Office, (903)886-5051

b.      Library Holds- (903)886-5414

c.      UPD holds- Cashier's Office (903)886-5051

d.      Admissions Office- (903)886-5000

e.      Your College (UC, COEHS, COB, CSEA or CHSSA) or departmental advisor may have a hold on you requiring a meeting with them prior to registering for courses.

f.       Orientation Hold- Orientation Office 903-886-5088

I have an academic advising hold that says I must visit with my advisor/mentor.  Why can't I determine my own schedule?  While you may be able to register yourself on MyLeo, many departments/programs either prefer or require that students come in each semester for a course selection and registration appointment.  This helps ensure your academic progress, and could potentially prevent mistakes than can slow your progress towards a degree.  Advising holds are intended to remind you to seek out your advisor/mentor and see them prior to registration.  You certainly have say in determining your schedule, but it is best if you do so working alongside someone who knows your major/program's requirements well.

Where do I go to initiate a graduation check?  CHSSA, CSEA, COB and COEHS each have personnel responsible for graduation check out-that is a process in which a person's academic record is checked against degree requirements to determine readiness for graduation.  Students who have ninety hours or more of credit undergo a graduation check each semester.  Different colleges have different policies about the initiation of these degree checks, so it is important to stay in contact with your college/department's advising personnel. Your major advisor should contact you regarding the accuracy of the degree audit, and together, you should determine a course schedule designed to assure timely graduation. 

Final graduation certification is a shared process between faculty advisors/mentors and the Registrar's Office.  Your advisor/mentor will assist you in filing an online graduation application with your college.  Once the college dean has approved the application, it will be submitted to the Registrar.  University College Success Coaches have no role in the graduation checkout process.

What if I want to get into a course section that is full?  You may contact the department offering the course and seek a permit that will allow you into the course.  Some departments stick strictly with their enrollment limits; others are more flexible.  Still others will require you to get the instructor's permission to enter a full course section.  If approval is granted, you may either register through your MyLeo or your academic mentor/advisor.  University College Success Coaches neither initiate nor facilitate these enrollments for anyone outside University College.

I am transferring hours from a four year institution or community college.  How do I know whether or not a class will "count" toward my major?  Whether or not a transferred course counts towards a major course is at the discretion of departments and colleges.  You need to initiate a request to count or equate the course(s) by contacting your major/program advising staff.  University College Success Coaches neither initiate nor facilitate these requests.

I need to substitute a course I took for one on my degree plan.  What do I do?  Course substitutions are the responsibility of major departments working with college personnel responsible for graduation check-out.  Contacting your major advisor/mentor is the first step in this process.  Courses may not be substituted to count toward University Studies (core curriculum) requirements at A&M-Commerce. University College Success Coaches neither initiate nor facilitate these requests.

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