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A:  It’s Not Just About Your Major in the Work World

 In 2009, the Association of American Colleges and Universities commissioned a study of more than 300 employers nationwide.  The goal of the survey was to determine what employers believed current college and university students needed to be prepared for the job market.

Skills Required

The survey revealed important news about future need for college graduates; it also said a lot employers’ valuing knowledge and skills gained in so-called “basic” courses required during your first two years of college.  At A&M-Commerce, these are called University Studies requirements.

Even though employers did not have robust hiring plans, they did make four things clear: 1.) that a bachelor’s degree from a four year institution was going to become more important for entering the workforce; 2.) that jobs for high school graduates would stay the same in most fields but decline in number in many others; 3.) nearly sixty percent of employers said “both in-depth and broad skill and knowledge” bases were needed in tomorrow’s college graduates bound for the workplace.

What does that mean?  First, that the bachelor’s degree is increasingly becoming a baseline requirement for employers; second, that options for non-degreed workers are declining; third, that a student’s major matters less than his/her success in gaining extensive knowledge and developing marketable skills as a part of a four-year experience.

To see the whole survey, follow this link: https://www.aacu.org/leap/documents/2009_EmployerSurvey.pdf .

What sort of knowledge?  What sort of skills?  Asked to describe what they were looking for, a majority of employers identified fifteen areas important to them. 

Employers were allowed to choose multiple important skills for the purpose of the survey.  So, a rating above 50% means most employers desired those attributes in an employee.

We are proud of our students!


ACT/SAT test scores, TAKS scores, etc. can place you into developmental work.  To place into college level work, you can take placement tests offered through our student assessment office.  To learn more about your options, ask your success coach or call (903) 886-5122 for information from our student assessment office.

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