Faculty and Staff

Dottie McIntyre

David Tan, PhD.
Professor & Department Head
Program Phone: 903-886-5619
Fax: 903.468.3323

Dottie McIntyre

Dottie McIntyre, M.S.
Academic Success Coach
Dottie.McIntyre@tamuc.edu; ORGLAdvising@tamuc.edu
Program Phone: 903.468.3318
Fax: 903.468.3323

Robert Brown Picture
Robert Brown, M.A.
Assistant Professional Faculty
Program Phone: 903.468.3324
Fax: 903.468.3323

George Swindell Picture

George H. Swindell IV, M.S.
Assistant Professional Faculty
Program Phone: 903.468.3322
Fax: 903.468.3323

(Download Vita)

Ouida McAfee, Ph.D.
Ad Interim Instructor
Program Phone: 903.468.3086
Fax: 903.468.3323

If interested in teaching for the program, please apply at: https://jobpath.tamu.edu/postings/64661


Marilyn Thompson, M.F.A. - Lecturer of Art (Download Vita)


Robert Brown, M.A. - Instructor of History (Download Vita)

Literature & Language

Christine Foreman, Ph.D. - Adjunct Instructor (Download Vita)

Mass Media, Communication & Theatre

Joe Reynolds, M.F.A. - Adjunct Instructor (Download Vita)

Judith Sebesta - Adjunct Instructor 


George H. Swindell, M.S. - Instructor of Mathematics (Download Vita)

Physics & Astronomy

Molly Jacobsen - Adjunct Faculty

Political Science

Penny Dodd, M.S. - Adjunct Instructor (Download Vita)

Psychology, Counseling, & Special Education

George H. Swindell, M.S. - Instructor of Psychology (Download Vita)

Sociology & Criminal Justice

Barbara Forbes, Ed.D. - Success Coach (Download Vita)

Organizational Leadership (Professional Development & Major Coursework)

Kenneth "Mike" Akin, M.B.A. - Adjunct Instructor (Download Vita)

Travis Ball, M.S. - Director of Purchasing and HUB Coordinator (Download Vita)

Molly Baur, M.S. - Associate Registrar (Download Vita)

Mei-Ying "Elaine" Lin, Ed.D. - Adjunct Instructor (Download Vita)

Denise Pheils, Ph.D. - Adjunct Instructor   (Download Vita)

Leslie Jill Richardson, M.S. - Adjunct Instructor (Download Vita)

Joe Shipman, M.S. - Adjunct Instructor (Download Vita)

Dan  Su, Ph.D. - Director of Institutional Research (Download Vita)

Janet Walker, Ed.D - Adjunct Instructor (Download Vita)