Frequently Asked Questions


What is competency-based education?

Competency-based education is a flexible way for students to get credit for what they know, build on their knowledge and skills by learning more at their own pace, and earn high quality degrees.

What is the BAAS in Organizational Leadership Program?

The BAAS in Organizational Leadership is a competency-based education program that prepares innovative leaders for employment in an increasingly technological and global society. This entire program is available online and is tailored specifically for adult learners. The degree program focuses on leadership skills, including instruction in organizational planning, dynamics of leadership, finance, team building, conflict resolution and mediation, communication, and other managerial skills that are applicable to all types of organizations including business, government, non-profits, and education.

The BAAS in Organizational Leadership is an affordable way to earn a baccalaureate degree with a total of 120 semester credit hours. The competencies and courses are offered in seven-week terms so students will be able to accelerate their time to degree completion.

How much is the tuition for this program?

Texas-Residents pay a flat rate tuition fee of $750 per seven week term, regardless of how many courses/competencies the student enrolls in during the term. Tuition for general education/core curriculum courses will also include e-textbooks that are incorporated in the online competency modules.

Out-of-State Residents* pay a flat-rate tuition fee of $2500 per seven week term, regardless of how many courses/competencies the student enrolls in during the term. Tuition for general education/core curriculum will also include e-textbooks that are incorporated in the online competency modules.

*Texas A&M University – Commerce has been approved to offer educational programs to select states. To check if your state is on the list, please visit

May I receive credit for prior work experience and/or professional training?

There are several opportunities for students to demonstrate prior learning and earn college credit. Students can receive credit for military service (ACE), work experience, professional training, licenses, certifications, and by exam through the College Level Exam Program ® (CLEP), for up to 48 semester credit hours toward their professional development electives, as well as possibly up to 42 semester credit hours of the general education/core curriculum.

  • Students who have military training and/or professional training may want to consider contracting with Excelsior College’s OneTranscript® service to have prior learning and courses transcripted into one consolidated transcript document. Please allow 4-6 weeks for Excelsior College to prepare a personal copy of your transcript after you submit the application and all your official documents. Information about Excelsior College’s OneTranscript® service can be found at
  • Students who have work experience, volunteer service, training, and/or opensource learning may want to consider creating their learning portfolios to earn college credit for what they already know and have learned. CAEL provides an informational video at More information on this opportunity can be found on CAEL’s website at
  • Students may earn credit by exam in select subject areas. The College-Level Examination Program® or CLEP provides students of any age with the opportunity to demonstrate college-level achievement through a program of exams in undergraduate college courses. By receiving a satisfactory score, students can earn from 3 to 12 college credits toward a college degree for each CLEP exam taken, depending on the exam subject and the policy of the college or university. Students wanting to take advantage of the opportunity to earn credit by exam can do so through the Texas A&M University-Commerce testing center or through UExcel® at a Pearson VUE location.

For more information and a list of exams offered by TAMU-C, please visit TAMU-C’s College Level Exam Program® website at

For more information about Excelsior College’s UExcel®, please visit their website at

How long are the terms?

Each term is seven (7) weeks with a one (1) week break in between terms.

What are the admission requirements?

Please see the Admissions website at for specific requirements.

How do I apply?

Go to  to submit an application for admission.

Is there an application fee?

No, there is not an application fee. However, students are be charged a one-time $60 enrollment fee the first term.

May I use Financial Aid?

Yes. For financial aid information, please visit to access the Financial Aid website.

How many hours should I take?

Students initially register for a maximum of 6 hours (two courses) prior to the beginning of each term.  When students complete all of the competencies mapped to the courses, (a grade of 80+). They have the opportunity to accelerate into another course with the expectation it will be completed by the end of the term. Students may continue to add courses, one at a time, throughout the term to accelerate their time to degree completion. 

Please note: Students are not allowed to add courses during the final week of the term.

If I retake a course, do I have to pay for it again?

The flat-rate tuition fee for each seven (7) week term is not waved for repeat courses.

Do I need to come to campus for orientation?

No, you will only need to complete a free online orientation. Contact Tara Thompson ( as soon as you are admitted, and he will help you get registered for the orientation

Do I ever have to come to campus?

No. The competency modules for the program are fully online.

When may I start my major courses?

You will be permitted to start your Applied Major courses only after all General Education and Professional Development Electives are complete.

Do my Applied Major courses need to be taken in any specific order?

Yes, you need to take the Applied Major courses in the order listed on the degree guide.