General Information

Cross-listing:  The Coordinating Board requires cross-listed courses be taught at the same time, at same place and on the same topic with the same CIP code. 

Cross-listing a graduate course with an undergraduate course requires an approved curriculum change.  If you do not have the approved curriculum you can request temporary approval by sending the cross-list undergraduate course with graduate course on a temporary basis to the graduate school the form can be found at 

Grade Type – Must be included on worksheet. 

Variable Credit - Variable credit courses will have to be setup as individual fixed credit hour courses.  Be sure to indicate how many hours for each section.

Section number – 01E – Web Enhanced – for courses which meet face to face with instructor and use the internet to supplement.

Section numbers: Section number 01W is used for internet-based courses. Room utilization is important for the fall semester; for a course which meets both face-to-face with instructor and uses the internet to supplement: Do not use the 01W indicator. 

The 01T-99T section number indicates a class that extends over a period of time longer than one semester (be sure that class notes reflect the semesters involved).  Classes should begin on the regular first class day and end at the close of a regular semester. Grade sheets for these extended sessions use the “IP” grade symbol. 

The Coordinating Board specifies: For shortened format classes: “Students may not carry more courses at a time in a shortened format than will give them total credit of one semester credit hour per week of instruction, except in a 5 ½ week summer term during which a student may earn up to six semester hours of credit.”  Also, “no three-credit-hour course shall consist of fewer than nine days-CB guidelines (10 days, TAMU-C rule) of classes offered over not less than three weeks.”