2017-2018 Financial Aid Release Dates: Projected

Based on current laws and regulations overseeing the federal and state financial aid programs, the earliest federal and state financial aid can be credited to university student accounts is 10 days prior to the first day of classes for the semester.  Release of Financial Aid to Student Accounts begins at 5:00 p.m. on release days. 

Below are the dates when we will start to release financial aid for those students meeting all financial aid requirements in the semester. These dates are scheduled to change should federal and/or state laws and regulations change.

Specific online programs have different release dates due to the length of the terms. 

Date of Release of Financial Aid
to Student Accounts
Fall 2017 8/18/2017
Spring 2018 1/6/2018
  Summer I    5/25/2018
Summer II 6/29/2018

Special Note for one semester only loans 

Federal loan programs must always be released twice in any one loan period. The loan period is the first day of the semester through the last day of the semester. The first installment will occur no earlier than 10 days before the first class of the semester.  The second installment will occur after the midpoint of the loan period or the after the middle of the semester.

Second Date of Release of FinancialAid
to Student Accounts
Fall 2017 10/11/2017
Spring 2018 3/14/2018
Summer I 6/16/2018
Summer II 7/16/2018

Dates can also be found on the Academic Calendar.