Consortium Agreements

 A&M-Commerce students receiving financial aid at A&M-Commerce and are interested in 1) taking coursework at another school to transfer that coursework back to A&M-Commerce and 2) getting financial aid at A&M-Commerce for that coursework may be able to do so through the Consortium Agreement process. Through the Consortium Agreement process, A&M-Commerce serves as the "Home" school. The other institution serves as the "Host" school. The consortium agreement “officially” notifies us that you are registered, the class is in your degree plan, and that you will submit transcripts at the end of the class to A&M-Commerce. The consortium agreements are not processed until after census day, which is 12th day of class.

Spring & Fall Consortiums will require no less than 6 credit hours of enrollment at Texas A&M-Commerce to be eligible for processing.  

Summer Consortiums will not require enrollment at Texas A&M–Commerce. Only federal financial aid will be applicable.

*For consortium agreements to be reviewed and processed, they have to be submitted at least 30 days prior to the A&M-Commerce last day of class for the term (i.e.- classes end Dec 7th, the consortium agreement has to be received by Nov 7th).


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*The coursework to be taken must transfer back to A&M-Commerce and be applicable to the student's degree at A&M-Commerce.For the Consortium Agreement to be applicable

*The coursework must be approved by the student's A&M-Commerce academic advisor

*The student cannot be receiving a federal Pell Grant at the other institution.

*The student is responsible for the tuition and fees at the "host' institution

What you need to do

1. The student needs to complete part 1 of the Consortium Agreement form.

2. The student's academic/faculty advisor completes part 2 of the Consortium Agreement form.

3. The Financial Aid Office at the "Host" institution completes Part 3.

4. The Financial Aid Office at the "Host" institution or the student submits it to the A&M-Commerce Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships.

A student on a Consortium Agreement is responsible for and agrees to provide information updates and documents to ensure their Consortium Agreement remains valid and continue to receive financial aid.

*The student is responsible for reporting enrollment changes and providing such changes within two days of when the change occurs.

*The student is responsible for submitting official academic transcripts showing completion of the coursework taken through the Consortium Agreement to the Admissions Office at A&M-Commerce. If transcripts are not received in a timely manner, the aid that was disbursed as a result of the consortium being processed will be returned, which will create a balance that will have to be paid. (Transcripts have to be received by admissions no later than 30 days after the A&M-Commerce term end date, i.e.- classes end Dec 7th, the transcript has to be received by Jan 14th).

For further information or questions regarding Consortium Agreements, please contact the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships at