Awarding Financial Aid

Every effort will be made to meet the applicant's documented need through a combination of aid programs. The amount awarded, using the "first-come, first-served" basis, while limited funds are available, will be based on:

  • The financial need of the applicant,
  • The limitations imposed by the various financial aid programs, and
  • The availability of funding

It is impractical for the aid applicant to expect the total calculated need to be met with gift-aid (grants and scholarships). In order to meet as much of the documented need as possible, the applicant must apply for self-help program (loans or employment).

Once a financial aid package has been awarded:

  • An award notice will be sent to the applicant's myLEO email account indicating the types and amounts of aid offered.
  • You must review your award notification in myLEO and accept or decline all the financial assistance offered to you within 14 days. Failure to do so may result in aid being canceled.
  • Click Here to learn how to accept your Financial Aid Award.

If, after the aid package has been awarded, it is determined that an additional resource(s), such as outside scholarship(s) are available to the student to help meet the cost of attendance, the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships is required:

  • To recalculate the applicant's eligibility to include the additional resource(s).
  • Adjust the student's award to prevent the over award situation. Adjustments may include canceling or decreasing previously awarded aid.
  • A revised email will be sent to the applicant indicating any revisions made to the aid package.

All dependent students seeking a Federal Parent PLUS loan must have their parent complete the application at Parents (borrowers) will begin the application and enter their student information later in the application process. Applications that are not completed correctly cannot be processed.