Work Study Program

The Work Study Program is a need-based financial aid program available to undergraduate and graduate students, providing part-time employment. Students must complete a FAFSA and demonstrate financial aid need to qualify through this program. Students are awarded funds based on their eligibility and how much work-study funds A&M-Commerce receives from the federal and state programs, as applicable.

The work-study program is a wonderful opportunity for students. There are numerous areas around campus that seek work study students, from working in an office or working on the farm.  It enables students to not only earn funds to help defray the costs of attending A&M-Commerce, reduce the debt upon graduation, but also provide the opportunity to develop employment skills and build upon a resume for employment once graduation occurs.  

Check out the Work Study FAQs for more information and commonly asked questions.

Work Study Awarded Students

Students that have been awarded work study must complete the following steps in order to complete the process.  It is the student's responsibility to secure employment within 14 days or they will forfeit their award.

Step 1: Log on to MyLeo to accept your work study award.

Step 2: Complete Student Work Study Training (Course #2111962).  Your work study permit will be emailed to you after your complete training and your award finishes processing.

Step 3: Contact perspective departments for positions.  Available job opportunities for students are available online at Hire A Lion.  Once hired, additional paperwork will be required from Human Resources.  Please direct questions to your supervisor regarding these and other general employment issues.

Payment of Work Study Earnings

Your accepted work study amount indicates the maximum amount per term you may earn during the semester.  You will be paid bi-monthly and can choose to have your check mailed to you or direct deposited.

Ongoing Eligibility

Work study eligibility varies by year. Students who wish to participate in work study must maintain satisfactory academic progress, must renew each year their FAFSA. Completing the FAFSA by the priority deadline provides the best chance of work study eligibility.