Appeal Forms

Appeal Deadlines

Summer 2018 - Friday, June 1, 2018
Fall 2018 - Friday, August 17, 2018
Spring 2019 - Friday, January 11, 2019
Summer 2019 - Friday, May 31, 2019

Submitting an appeal, regardless of when the appeal is submitted, does not guarantee that approval of the appeal will occur prior to the term in which the appeal is for starting. Students, who are on financial aid suspension pursuing an appeal, must plan on making alternative payment arrangements with the Office of Student Accounts. DO NOT wait for the results of the review. Though the intent of the committee is to review appeals within 7 to 10 working days of when an appeal is submitted, the volume received may necessitate the process to take longer. It is the student's responsibility to submit the appeal(s) with supporting documentation. Failure to provide the documentation with the appeal will result in the appeal being returned to the students and a delay in the review process.

Appeal Forms

Select the appropriate appeal form for your suspension. 

NOTE: If you are on suspension for maximum time frame and GPA or completion, you must submit both appeal forms.

For GPA and/or Completion Hours:

Financial Aid Standards of Progress Appeal
If you on suspension for your GPA and/or you did not complete the required hours for the term or you withdrew from all classes, use this appeal form.

For Maximum Time Frame (150% rule)/Excessive Hour:

Financial Aid Excessive Hours/Time Frame Appeal
If your suspension is for maximum time frame (150% rule), you will use this appeal. Your academic advisor will also need to complete the second section of the form.  Do not submit this form until all portions have been completed. 

For All Fs earned in a semester:

Financial Aid Standards of Progress All Fs Appeal Request 
If your suspension has resulted due to you earning grades of all Fs in a term, you will use this appeal. You will also need to complete the appropriate Educational Plan Review.

Educational Plan Review:

Review of Undergraduate Educational Plan for Student Financial Aid

Review of Graduate Educational Plan for Student Financial Aid

Students who complete a semester with all Fs and submit the Financial Aid Standards of Progress: All Fs Appeal Request form will be placed on an educational plan immediately following the semester of all Fs.

Students who complete the Financial Aid Standards of Progress: Appeal Request for GPA and/or Completion Hours form may be placed on an educational depending on the academic history review.  If during the academic history review, it is found the student can meet financial aid standards of progress within the next semester will be placed on probation without the need for an educational plan. If in the next semester of enrollment while on probation the student again does not meet financial aid minimum standards of progress, the student will be required to meet with a representative of the academic advising center and establish an educational plan.

Athletic Scholarship Appeal

If you receive an athletic scholarship and are appealing for the prior term.

Scholarship Appeal

If you are in receipt of a university scholarship and are appealing for the prior term. 

Request for Financial Aid Reinstatement

Do not use this appeal unless:
1. You have met or exceed the minimum required GPA (2.0 for undergraduate students, 3.0 graduate students) for the term or cumulatively AND
2. You have completed 6 credit hours or at least 67% of the credits you have attempted for the term at A&M-Commerce.