2017-2018 Verification Forms

2017-2018 Verification Tracking Groups-Table

Dependent Student-Family Household Size Form
Independent Student-Family Household Size Form
Student-Verification of 2015 Income-Nontax Filer Form
Student-Confirmation of 2015 Assets Form
Student-Support Test Form
Student-Enrollment History Verification Form
Child Support Paid Form
Verification of Other Untaxed Income for 2015 Form
Parent-Verification of 2015 Income-Nontax Filer Form
Parent-Confirmation of 2015 Assets Form
Parent-Support Test Form
Acknowledgement of Late Tax Filing/IRS Delayed Processing Status

Student-Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose can be completed one of 2 ways.

1. By mail: For your convenience and preferred method:
a. Print out the Statement of Educational Purpose Form

b. Take the form to a Notary Public and your government issued photo id. (A valid driver’s license, valid state ID card, valid U.S.. Passport are examples.)

c. Complete the form in the presence of the Notary Public

d. Mail the original completed, notarized form to our office 

(We cannot accept this form via email or fax. It will not be accepted.)

 2. In person:
a. Come to the Financial Aid Office. Bring your government issued photo id; a valid driver’s license, valid state ID card, valid U.S.. Passport are examples.

b. Our office will have a similar form for you to complete.

Verification of 2015 Income Information for Tax Filers
If selected for verification and 2015 income tax returns have been filed with the IRS, the student and parent, if applicable, can update the 2017-2018 FAFSA income data through the IRS Data Retrieval option. Log in to your FAFSA at http://fafsa.gov as you will be making a correction to the financial information (income section). Selecting the "already completed taxes" and checking the box "you have filed' will enable you to select the "View Option to link to the IRS" This will expedite the verification process and no IRS Tax Transcript will be needed. If you are not able to utilize the IRS Data Retrieval option you will need to request a Tax Return Transcript through the IRS web site, specifically http://www.irs.gov/individuals/Get-Transcript . Select the Tax Return Transcript option. Don't forget to Submit the request! And don't forget to include your CWID on ALL pages before sending them to our office!

Verification of 2015 Income Information

Individuals with Unusual Circumstances