Payment Options

Other than paying up front, out of pocket for your student’s education, there are several options to help take care of the cost of education.  The most popular are as follows:

  • Financial Aid- Student submits a FAFSA to determine eligibility for receiving assistance from various local, state and federal resources.
  • University Payment Plan- Texas A&M University-Commerce offers a payment plan for the Fall and Spring terms.  This allows the cost of attendance to be paid over the course of the entire semester in four equal monthly payments.
  • University Tuition Loan- Texas A&M University-Commerce offers a tuition loan for the Fall and Spring terms.  This short term loan allows the tuition and fees to be paid initially by a university loan which is due to be paid within the first half of the term.
  • 3rd Party Educational Loans- Many other lending intuitions will also provide educational loans.  Families may research such institutions to receive assistance with educational expenses at their discretion.