Types of Financial Aid Available

Financial aid is available to students who qualify in varying formats.  Aid typically comes from local, state or federal sources and tends to be either scholarships, grants or loans.

Local sources of financial aid include: organizations such as PTA, churches, businesses, and university scholarship funds.

State sources of financial aid in Texas include both grant and loan programs.

Federal sources of financial aid also include grant and loan programs.


Scholarships are sources of financial aid which do not have to be repaid.  Students typically apply for a scholarship by submitting a written application which is then reviewed and a recipient selected.  TAMU-Commerce has an internal scholarship portal as well as providing students with a plethora of external scholarship information.  All of which can be found on our website by visiting: www.tamuc.edu/scholarships.


Grants are sources of financial aid which typically do not have to be repaid. However, a known exception is the Federal TEACH grant which can become a loan if the student does not fulfill the agreement to serve as a teacher.  Most grants do not have to be repaid and are given to students based on financial need. The most popular grants are the federal PELL grant and state TEXAS  grant.


Loans are sources of financial aid which must be repaid. Students must complete entrance counseling and sign a promissory note before loan funding can be secured.  Additionally, parents have the option of taking out student loans to assist their children with the cost of education.