Completion Rate Calculator

How to Use

In order to receive financial aid, all students are required to successfully complete 67% of the classes they attempt each semester and cumulatively.

NOTE: Summer terms (Summer I & Summer II) are considered one entire semester.  Therefore, if you take 3 hours in each term, you attempted a total of 6 hours for the Summer terms.

Semester Completion Rate

Example: A student registered for 15 hours at the beginning of the semester, but dropped a 3 hour class and received an F in another class worth 3 hours.  Therefore, 15 attempted hours, 9 hours completed into the calculator.  The completion rate is 60%.

Cumulative Completion Rate

Example: A student transferred from another school with 30 attempted hours but only completed 25 hours.  The student then takes 15 attempted hours at A&M-Commerce but only completes 3 hours. So, the student has a total of 45 attempted hours and 28 earned hours entered in the calculator. Therefore, their completion rate is 62% (after rounding).

Completion Rate Calculator

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NOTE: Round up to nearest whole number.