Institutional Scholarships

Students are offered scholarships based on academic achievement and/or by completing the general scholarship application and meeting the eligibility requirements.  All students are encouraged to apply for scholarships using our General Scholarship Application which opens each year in October.

Outside Scholarships

We have a growing list of outside scholarships and scholarship directories.  Remember to check back often, as we update it on a regular basis.

The Student Loan Network provides a Free Online Scholarship Guide and eBook which can help you find more scholarships through the Internet.

State-Funded Scholarship

State of Texas Top 10% Scholarship

This program is being phased out by the State of Texas legislature.  Only students who received a State of Texas Top 10% Scholarship prior to the 2015-2016 academic year will be eligible.  This provision is scheduled to end in 2017. 

Scholarships and Other Resources

 Scholarships and other resources (Texas Department of Assistance and Rehabilitation, Veterans Benefits, Exemption Waivers, and other gift aid), must be considered when you are awarded Financial Aid because the aid package cannot exceed the cost of attendance. It is important to let the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships know of any outside scholarship(s) you anticipate as well as other exemptions or waivers you may receive by submitting an Outside Resource Form.

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships is located in the Student Access and Success Center/One Stop Shop.  

2200 Campbell St., Commerce, Texas
Phone: (903) 886-5096

Disability Accommodations