General Scholarship Application

Applying for general and departmental scholarship opportunities starts by completing our General Scholarship Application. 

Accessing the Scholarship Portal


First Time Applicants

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Log in to myLeo and click on the APPS tab. Next click on Scholarships. Since you are a first time applicant, click the "Sign-Up" button located on the upper, right corner of the page. Your LeoMail university email address and a user created password is required to set up the account.

A confirmation email will be sent to your LeoMail account, and you will need to click the link in the email in order to access the Portal for the first time.

Returning Users

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Log in to myLeo and click on the APPS tab. Next, click on Scholarships.  Since you have accessed the Portal before, click the "Sign-In" button located on the upper, right hand corner of the page. Use your LeoMail university email address and your previously created password to sign in.

Should you forget your password, click "Trouble Signing In" to enter your LeoMail email address, and then click "Recover Password".  A password reset email will be sent to you.

General Scholarship Application

How to Apply

When you first sign in to the Scholarship Portal, you will be in the General Scholarship Application. This is your application to apply for departmental and general scholarships. We will use this information to match you with scholarship opportunities. You will need to fill in all questions. If any information is missing, you will be prompted to complete the missing information before you are able to submit the application. Please make sure to pay close attention to the questions asked. There may be options that require selection such as "Other" or "Not Applicable." For example, if the high school you attended is not shown in the "High School Name" section, you will select "Other," and will need to respond to the following statement, "If you chose 'Other' for High School Name, please specify."

On the General Application you will also see an Applicant Record tab. The applicant information comes from our student information system. If you find that the information is incorrect, please e-mail so that we can advise you on how to correct this information.

Once you have completely filled out the application, you will select "Finish" and "Continue". You also have the option to save the application without submitting until you are completely finished. You may do this by clicking on "Save and Keep Editing."


opportunities button

Navigate to "Opportunities" then "Recommended". The list of recommended opportunities shown is comprised of scholarships that will require you to answer additional questions, provide additional information, or provide an essay. 

In order for you to determine which information you need to submit for a particular scholarship, click on the "Apply" button next to the scholarship you would like to review. After completing the required information, you will click on "Finish and Submit." Please note: This process will need to be repeated for each recommended scholarship for which you would like to be considered. 

You will also notice the "All" tab on the "Opportunities" section. These are all of the scholarships available. Do not apply to any other scholarships listed on this tab. You should only apply to those scholarships on the "Recommended" tab.


applications button

On the "My Applications" tab you will see the scholarships that have been automatically matched with your information provided on the General Scholarship Application. You are automatically considered for these scholarships. No further action is required for these particular scholarships.

As you complete the additional information required for your recommended opportunities, those scholarships will appear in the "Current" section.  Each scholarship will appear as a box, with the status in the top, right corner.  In the example, below, the Texas Book Company Scholarship shows to be in Submitted status. 

submitted scholarship example

You may also log in to view updates regarding your application status for various scholarship opportunities in the "Current" section during the application review process.  

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships will notify applicants via their LeoMail account if a scholarship offer has been made. 


The priority deadline to apply for most university departmental scholarships for the upcoming academic year is October 31st. Departmental scholarships with remaining funds to award after the review of the applications by the priority deadline may be reopened for additional applications on a rolling basis until all funds have been committed. 

Some endowment and general scholarships have rolling deadlines past the priority deadline.

As new scholarship opportunities are added regularly, please continue to log in to the Scholarship Portal for any new scholarship opportunities that may become available. 


Some recommended opportunities may require references. On the "Home" tab, you will see a tab titled, "Manage References." When you add someone as a reference, we will contact them with instructions on how to upload their reference letter to complete the reference. You will see the status here. You may come back to this location to add additional references, if necessary.

It is suggested that you ask a reference for permission to use them as a reference.  Once you have applied, let them know to expect an email with instructions.  This will assist with timely completion of your reference. 

If you have additional questions regarding the Scholarship Portal or the General Scholarship Application, please email