Transfer Student Access and Success Scholarships

Admitted new transfer students in Fall and Spring, except those pursuing the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) in Organizational Leadership degree, are considered for two types of transfer scholarships: General Transfer Scholarship or Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship. Funding is limited, so do not delay in completing all requirements to be considered! The General Transfer Scholarship and Phi Theta Scholarship are not stackable. A qualifying student can be awarded one of them, never both.

Organizational Leadership students who decide to opt out of the program prior to the 1st day of the first semester will be considered for the transfer scholarships if funds are still available. If you opt out, please contact

Consideration for a Transfer Scholarship

To be considered for the General Transfer Scholarship, all official college transcript(s) must be submitted to the Office of Admissions. A student's scholarship award level will be based upon the transfer hours and transfer GPA at the time of admission to the university. Students with on-campus housing will be considered for an additional $500 per year. The automatic review process does not guarantee that you will receive a scholarship offer since funding is limited, so apply early! The scholarship only applies to the Fall and Spring semesters. Scholarships not accepted within 14 days of being offered will be cancelled.

Initial Eligibility Requirements

  • Student Transfer GPA of at least 3.0
  • Minimum 45 transferable credit hours

This table lists the minimum GPA, award amount, on-campus housing amount, general transfer credit hour criteria, and the possible duration for the General Transfer Scholarship Tiers:



On-Campus Housing

Transfer Hours


Tier One



Additional $500/yr

45 hours

Up to 2 years

Tier Two



Additional $500/yr

45 hours

Up to 2 years

Tier Three



Additional $500/yr

45 hours

Up to 2 years

Renewal Eligibility Requirements

  • Maintain the required semester and institutional cumulative GPA for the Tier group you are awarded. Once awarded, students cannot be placed into a lower or higher Tier.
  • Successfully complete a minimum of 15 A&M-Commerce credit hours each Fall/Spring semester and 30 A&M-Commerce credit hours each academic year
  • Have no break in enrollment or eligibility

Note: Funds will not disburse unless student is enrolled in the required credit hours for the semester. Undergraduate students who are unable to meet the enrollment requirements due to limits set by their academic program, graduation, course offerings, approved disability accommodations, or other circumstances beyond the student's control may submit a Scholarship Enrollment Exception Certification Form for consideration. The form can be found at: Scholarship Enrollment Exception Certification Form

Probation and Suspension of Scholarship

The first time a student fails to meet either the credit hour or the GPA requirement for the General Transfer Scholarship will result in probation for the next semester of enrollment. A notification will be sent to the student's university e-mail account. The student will still be eligible to receive the General Transfer Scholarship during the probation semester, provided the student is meeting credit hour requirements. After the probation semester, the student will have to meet both the GPA and credit hour requirements each semester or the General Transfer Scholarship will be suspended.