Outside Scholarships

Scholarships and awards from outside private and non-profit institutions and organizations are a great way to help finance your education.

Texas A&M University-Commerce compiles a list of several outside scholarships, though students are encouraged to also search on their own. One way to search is by using the list of outside scholarship directories. Most of these directories allow students to search for scholarships utilizing various criteria while others list several scholarships fitting specific criteria. However, always be aware of potential scholarship scams. Visit the Scholarship Scams page for more information.

If you are the recipient of any type of award, typically scholarships or corporate sponsorships, from a source other than Texas A&M University-Commerce, you must report it to the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships as soon as possible using the Outside Resource Form. An adjustment in your financial aid offer may be needed according to the guidelines of the aid programs currently offered. You may be required to repay financial assistance you have already received if you are no longer eligible for those aid programs.

You can send the Outside Resource Form to scholarships@tamuc.edu.

Outside Scholarship List

Outside Scholarship Directories

Military Outside Scholarships