You know that earning a degree shouldn’t cost you more each year. Texas A&M University-Commerce agrees. Our [in]tuition plan locks in tuition costs and mandatory fees for your academic program from registration to graduation.  It’s one less thing to think about in college planning.

 [in]tuition includes:

Texas resident statutory tuition* mandatory fees^ designated tuition nursing differential tuition

* Non-resident statutory tuition is set by the state of Texas annually and cannot be guaranteed.
^ Mandatory fees include the student service, student center, athletic, recreation center and university service fees.
Conditional fees such as distance education or lab fees are not included.

  IncomIng freshmen Lock in tuition fees for 4 years: $4,004 per semester plus $2,000 in rebates upon graduation new transfers Lock in tuition + fees for 2 years: $3,835 per semester plus $2,000 in rebates upon graduation Incoming Graduate Students Lock in tuition + fees for 2 years: $2,888 per semester Current Graduate Students Lock in tuition + fees up to 4 years: $2,576 per semester Plus Over $3,300 In potential savings on the cost of tuition Undergraduate: Based on 15 credit hours per semester. Graduate/Doctoral: $2,980 per semester Based on 9 credit hours per semester.

†Rebate eligibility is based on Texas Legislature Tuition Rebate requirements and university guidelines.

With [in]tuition at A&M-Commerce, you can begin each year with the immediate understanding that the cost of your degree has not changed. You will save money while receiving the high-quality education that our university has offered for 125 years.

Need more info?

Office of Undergraduate Admissions
903-886-5000 •  admissions@tamuc.edu

Office of Graduate Admissions
903-886-5163  •  Graduate.School@tamuc.edu

Office of Financial Aid
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[in]tuition is Texas A&M University-Commerce’s plan compliant with Texas House Bill (HB) 29 or the “Guaranteed Tuition Cohort Plan.”