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Graduate Students

At Texas A&M University-Commerce, we help you save on the cost of completing your master’s or doctoral degree through [in]tuition, our plan to lock in your tuition and mandatory fees from registration to graduation. Partner with us for your educational investment and you’ll receive a guarantee that gives you stability and advantages:

Incoming Graduate Students 2 year rate plan:

$3,292 per semester based on 9 graduate credit hours (TX resident rate)

Incoming Doctoral Students 4 year rate plan:

$3,372 per semester based on 9 graduate credit hours (TX resident rate)

On the [in]tuition plan, you will be a part of a cohort of students who will pay a certain rate based on residency. That rate is locked in for you when you register. From there, you can begin each year with the immediate understanding that the cost of your degree has not changed.  This allows you to focus your efforts on completing your program and progressing toward graduation rather than worrying about rising academic costs. With [in]tuition as your guide, you will save money while receiving the high-quality education that A&M-Commerce has offered for 125 years.

 [in]tuition includes:

Statutory tuition*

Designated tuition

Graduate differential tuition

Mandatory student fees**

*Statutory tuition rate for non-residents is set annually by the State of Texas and cannot be guaranteed.

** Mandatory fees include the student service, student center, athletic, recreation center and university service fees.

[in]tuition does not cover:

  • Non-resident tuition – *Non-resident statutory tuition is set by the state of Texas annually and cannot be guaranteed.
  • Conditional fees (distance education fees, lab fees, program fees, etc.)
  • Other academic costs (parking fees, room and board, books, supplies, etc.)

When the rate plan expires your rate may rise and become equal to the rate new students are receiving at the time.

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[in]tuition is Texas A&M University-Commerce’s plan compliant with Texas House Bill (HB) 29 or the “Guaranteed Tuition Cohort Plan.”