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The Hazlewood Act Exemption Program for Veterans and their Dependents

Instructions for all eligible Hazlewood recipients:

To Apply: Students may print an online application and submit with required documentation via e-mail, fax, mail or bring it in to the following address:

Texas A&M University-Commerce
ATTN: Veterans & Military Services
P.O. Box 3011
Commerce, TX 75429-3011

Fax: 903-886-5210


Physical Location

Student Access & Success Center
Room 130
2200 Campbell
Commerce, TX 75428

*For an otherwise eligible veteran, spouse, or child to be entitled to a Hazlewood Act exemption in a given term/semester, he or she must provide a completed Hazlewood Act Exemption Application and provide the supporting documentation to Texas A&M University-Commerce no later than the census date of that term/semester.

HE-V Application for Veterans

HE-D Application for Dependents

Along with the application, veterans must provide proof (DD-214) from the Department of Defense regarding their military service and nature of discharge. In addition, both veterans and dependents must also provide proof of eligibility or ineligibility for Montgomery GI Bill benefits (Chapter 33/Post 9/11) by requesting an education benefits letter from the VA office in Muskogee, OK at 888-442-4551 or Dependents applying under the Legacy Act must provide a birth certificate or other document showing dependency.  Spouses/Children, who are eligible due to the veteran being 100% disabled or death due to military, must provide proof from the Department of Defense or from the Veterans Administration regarding parent’s death or disability related to service. All applicants must complete the appropriate application and submit to the Veterans & Military Services office.

For questions pertaining to the Hazlewood Act, please click here.

The Texas Hazlewood Tuition Exemption waives all tuition, and most fees, for Texas veterans who meet the State’s eligibility requirements (which are explained in complete detail on the Hazlewood Application).

1. To claim the exemption, you must complete a new Hazlewood Application prior to the beginning of EVERY semester and submit it (along with supporting documents–a copy of your DD-214 and a letter from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs indicating that you are not eligible for any GI Bill benefits–when required) to:

Texas A&M University-Commerce
Veterans & Military Services
P.O. Box 3011
Commerce, TX 75429-3011
FAX: 903-886-5210

This application is available in the Veterans & Military Services office as well as on our Web site.

If you have never used the exemption before, OR if you have not used it at Texas A&M University-Commerce, you must complete the “Application for Veterans Who Have Not Previously Used the Exemption.”

If you HAVE previously used the exemption at A&M-Commerce, you must complete the “Application for Veterans Who Have Previously Used the Exemption.” [You will NOT need to re-submit a copy of your DD-214 or a letter from Muskogee–UNLESS you have served any active duty since you previously used the exemption.]

2. Please submit this application as early as possible–prior to the beginning of each semester–so that the Veterans & Military Services office can complete the process of establishing your eligibility before your tuition and fees are due.

3. Although the Hazlewood Act waives all of your tuition and most of your fees, you must pay Student Services Fees each semester in the amount of $23  (subject to change yearly) per semester hour. First-time students at A&M-Commerce must also pay a one-time Property Deposit Fee of $10.

4. As soon as the Veterans & Military Services office has established your eligibility for the exemption, we will notify the Bursar’s Office. The Bursar’s Office will then apply the Hazlewood waiver as a credit to your account. If you have questions about your account, please contact Sherrie Phelps in the Bursar’s Office at 903-468-3089, or by e-mail to