Doctor Chris Myers

Dr. Chris Myers

Lt. Col., U.S. Air Force Reserves

Marketing and Management Professor

What has been your most notable experience in the military?
My most notable experience was being in combat in late 2001.  Supporting the troops on the ground and flying “dropping iron.”  There is probably no better feeling than when someone comes on the mic and tells you “thank you, I wasn’t able to get away from them (Taliban) fast enough.  Your bombs were on target.”

What honors/awards did you receive during your military service?
Meritorious Service Medal (MSM), Air Medal, AF Combat Action Medal, Global War on Terrorism Medal, Afghanistan Campaign Medal, Iraq Campaign Medal

How has your military experience benefited your career at A&M-Commerce?
There’s probably no category of adversity that a student goes through that I haven’t seen or been a part of.  I’ve done all nighters for school and for work.  I had friends pass-away suddenly, missed family and friends and because you’re too far away to get in a car and drive (sometimes separated by large bodies of water), been too tired to study because of work and family but you know that it is important for your future, had to take difficult classes/training that you have to study extra (re-read multiple times) and grappled with making decisions (sometimes the easy way is not the best).  So, I truly have walked “miles in their shoes.”  I have truly learned that taking the road that is well traveled is USUALLY not the best approach on anything.

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What advice do you have for military veterans transitioning into college life, specifically at A&M-Commerce?
Start communicating with faculty, advisers, and the staff as soon as you can. A&M-Commerce has an extremely large amount of helpful staff.  Academic life is the easiest you will ever have it so it is important to take advantage of the opportunity to develop a second expertise.  The military instills self-discipline and requires self-motivation….academics requires the same.  You will truly only get out, what you put into it.