Frances Luse

Frances Luse

Class of 2009 (B.S. Mathematics), 2011 (M.S. Mathematics), Captain, U.S. Army (retired)

What was your MOS?
First, I was a clerk typist (71L) and then a food inspector (91R)…. I received a direct commission in 1995, and became a medical logistics officer–70K.  I spent 12 years as a medical logistics officer.

Where was your last deployment and most notable experience?
My last assignment was at the U.S. Army South Headquarters in San Antonio, Texas.  I was the medical logistics officer for a small, but important branch (Medical Operations) of the G3 Operations.  We planned and executed Humanitarian medical missions (18-25 per year) to central and south America.  We sent two of our staff NCO’s on each mission with approximately $40,000 worth of medical supplies and drugs, as well as equipment, with a contingent of Army, Navy or Air Force reservists to remote locations in various countries to provide Echelon 1 medical care.  We also sent veterinarians with veterinary medicines (vaccinations) and ophthalmologists with glasses fabricated at the Army Optical Fabrication Lab (San Antonio) and Lions eyeglass donations.  My participation with these missions was my most rewarding experience, as we made a valuable contribution to the lives of very indigent people.

What are your long term goals?
I’d like to get my master’s degree and AP mathematics certification for grades 8-12.

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How has your military experience benefited your academic experience?
The military certainly teaches you discipline and how to take responsibility for your actions.  That discipline helps me with my study time.  The military has also taught me not to be shy in classroom settings, so when professors ask questions or ask for volunteers, and no one wants to speak up, I have no problem doing so.  Also, I’m used to working with and building teams with a variety of people, whom I may have just met, and this has helped me participate/form study groups for classes.

How has A&M-Commerce equipped you to reach your goals?
I like the personal interaction between professors and students at A&M-Commerce, and the professors are  invested in the accomplishments of the students.  The math lab is outstanding and I’ve been able to get help there from graduate students when needed.  I like that the math department has a library/study area, which is a great place for study groups to meet and work undisturbed.  I definitely feel like I have a family at A&M-Commerce…many of us are even connected via facebook!

What is your favorite part of A&M-Commerce?
I like the close-knit ties that the students make–everyone is so friendly! I enjoyed football season and attending a game with my classmates (even though I’m 20 years older than most of them). The MRC is probably my favorite, non-academic venue. The math lab is my favorite academic location.